Eduard Petrescu, CEO of EKO Group, on the Podcast "White,Liminal Conversations with Eliza Kazan": Eduard Shares How He Balances Family Life and Career

Eduard Petrescu, CEO of EKO Group, was recently invited to the podcast "White, liminal Conversations with Eliza Kazan" to discuss the balance between family life and career. In this episode, Petrescu shared his personal and professional experiences, offering valuable advice and perspectives on how to maintain a healthy balance between the two.

Eduard Petrescu: Balancing Family and Career

Eduard Petrescu began the discussion by emphasizing the importance of finding a balance between family life and professional life. "For me, family is a priority, and it is essential to find time to be with them, no matter how busy I am," said Petrescu. He explained that maintaining this balance is key to having a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Organization and Time Management

During the conversation, Petrescu highlighted the importance of organization and efficient time management. "One of the secrets to my success is rigorous planning and managing my time in a way that allows me to dedicate myself to both my family and my career," he explained. Eduard Petrescu shared some time management techniques, such as setting priorities, delegating tasks, and using planners to organize his day.

Setting Priorities

Eduard Petrescu also discussed the importance of setting priorities and how this has helped him balance family life and career. "It"s important to know what truly matters to you and act accordingly. For me, family and health always come first," he stated. Petrescu emphasized that professional success should never come at the expense of personal and family well-being.

Communication with Family

Another essential aspect addressed by Petrescu was the importance of open and honest communication with family members. "Communication is key to ensuring that all family members understand and support your professional commitments," he said. Eduard explained that he frequently discusses his work schedule with his family and tries to find solutions that allow them to spend quality time together.

Delegate and Trust Your Team

Eduard Petrescu shared the advice of delegating tasks and trusting your work team. "You can"t do everything alone. Delegate responsibilities and trust your team to handle certain aspects of the business so that you can spend more time with your family," he suggested. This not only helps maintain balance but also contributes to developing a stronger and more autonomous team.

In conclusion, the episode of the podcast "White, Conversations with Eliza Kazan" provided valuable insight into how a successful entrepreneur can balance family life and career. Eduard Petrescu emphasized the importance of time management, setting priorities, open communication, and delegating tasks to maintain this balance. His advice and experiences serve as a valuable guide for any entrepreneur looking to succeed both professionally and personally.

"Balancing family life and career is not just about managing time but also about making conscious choices and prioritizing what truly matters. True success comes when we find this harmony," concluded Eduard Petrescu on the podcast "White, liminal Conversations with Eliza Kazan."